Thursday, 14 January 2010


I'm currently still laying out my scenes, i recieved good feedback on my first completed background from two of my tutors which has encouraged me to get really into it, i'm just going to post my one complete one for now and will update with more soon. This background is for the end of the film when everything has been resolved. I have also been working on the dissertation and the interview with Nick Price last week was really helpful towards the business report.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

First Week Back

I have gotten a good sound now and I'm not so worried about After Effects after using it though the Christmas break, this week I'm hoping to get the dissertation literary review completed, I have an interview with Nick Price for the business module on Wednesday. Ive created flash files for every scene and completed very basic layouts, by Monday i hope to have a decent amount of backgrounds complete to run by Graham. I will also be posting pages from my Pre-Production on here, then the backgrounds once finalised.

After Effects Test

I have been experimenting with after effects to try to get decent magic effects, here is the first piece I've been fairly happy with using the Particular add on. I had never used it before and found it a little bit easier than I was expecting.

First Post

I'm going to start keeping this blog up to date with information about an animation I'm currently working on at Glamorgan University in the Atrium, Cardiff. Animation production has started and I'm close to having a finalised sound, I'm using Google Wave to stay up to date with the sound designer, Leone. Google wave is currently in a preview mode so send me a comment if you want an invite. More information on Google Wave here: The sound is going to be electronic with quite a glitchy feel using circuit bent toys and a circuit bent Casio keyboard. There will also eventually be some melodies added using a synth. I think the sound is working really well already. Using google wave i can send scenes to Leone easily so he can add music and effects, which should make the process much easier.