Friday, 19 February 2010

Sound Design

I'm in Bath at the moment at Leone's working on the sounds again, it's sounding so much better and like how I've imagined it. I'll get a test up soon. I'm on reading week so i've done some work on my dissertation, but have been mostly working on my film. As im working in Flash, i'm moving the .SWF tests into Premiere CS4 which it plays as a preview... but won't export. I am now using Camtasia as that will allow me to capture the preview as it plays in Premiere, not very smoothly but it's enough for Leone to work to for now. We had the first sweatbox session last week which went really well, it was great to see everyones work and get some feedback on my own. I'm really enjoying working on the film and i'm happy with the progress i've made so far.

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